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Always Hard At Work...

Since 1949 Mr. Contractor has been serving the Philadelphia and Bucks County community. Four generations of one family have been operating out of the same building on Frankford Ave. Mr. Contractor has become a name you can trust and rely on. Having served more than 10,000 customers it is hard to find a home in the area that we haven't done work at.

We only employee the best skilled staff. Our crew has been with the company for many years and have become a part of our extended family. We take pride in hard work but we recognize that a key to our success is making the workplace fun. The pictures below are a glimpse into the activity around the office and at jobsites.

It is always busy at Mr. Contractor. How busy you ask? Well just ask our office manager, Jennie, and she will be the first to let you know. When it comes to phone calls, taking down customer information, setting up schedules, creating work orders, and recording invoices -- Jennie always has her hands full. It is not easy being one of the few women at Mr. Contractor. However, Jennie is one of the few people that can bring the necessary momentum and equilibrium to the office. She is also one of the few people to know how to keep the 3rd and 4th generation in check. Here is a snapshot based on 2013 of what a typical "day", "week", "month" and "year" at Mr. Contractor is like.

2013 Phone Calls: Sales Leads: Completed Jobs: Windows Sold:
Day 54 phone calls daily
40 follow-ups daily
4 jobs completed daily
5 windows sold daily
Week 270 phone calls weekly 160 follow-ups weekly 20 jobs completed monthly 25 windows sold weekly
Month 1,080 calls monthly 640 follow-ups monthly 80 jobs completed monthly 100 windows sold monthly
Year 12,960 calls yearly 7,680 follow-ups yearly 960 jobs completed yearly 1,200 windows sold yearly

Always Hard At Work...

The We Are All Family At Mr. Contractor...

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