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We pride ourselves with maintaining a good reputation. We know that we couldn't have gotten to where we are without loyal customers and referrals.  When we are given awards we are very appreciative. Over the years we have been selected for many honors, such as "Best of Philly" in 2007 and 2012, voted "Top 500 Remodeler" in the country 10 different times, awarded "Top Family Owned Business" by Philadelphia Business Journal in 2013 and 2014, and winner of "Angie's List" service award in 2009. We maintain a positive Better Business Bureau record and have above average ratings on Dun & Bradstreet. We are Philadelphia's #1 contractor and proud of it.

About the Top 500 List

Thirty-one years ago, when the remodeling industry was still struggling for an independent identity, one completely distinct from builders and trade contractors, the founder of Qualified Remodeler, Dave Sauer, thought it would be a good idea to profile the industry’s leaders and innovators. Then as now, the challenge for the best remodelers — those who created satisfied customers and earned enough profit to create a growing business — was how to separate their work and reputations from the hurly burly of what can be a rough-and-tumble, no-barriers-to-entry business. The first Leaders issue was published in the fall of 1978 and grew to become the Top 500 by 1983. Today, the industry stands clearly apart from the pack, and the Top 500 has never represented a better group of industry leaders in all 50 states. Despite the credit crisis and the slower business conditions generally, remodelers seem to be standing taller this year. To the degree there is any growth in residential construction activity, much of it is being driven by remodelers like those we present on the following pages.

This year’s Top 500 list is truly better than ever. We dedicated 90 percent of the editorial pages in this issue to presenting not only which companies are on this year’s list, but also presenting the data in new ways so we can all learn more about these industry leaders. Beyond our insightful overview of the 2009 Top 500 (see Still 500, Still the Top) written by senior editor Ken Betz, in which top remodelers from around the country describe their challenges and opportunities, we have also analyzed the numbers to create a new list of the largest kitchen and bath remodelers in the United States (see Kitchen & Bath Leaders). Managing editor Jon Minnick spoke with the range of presidents and owners of these firms and learned more about how they have adapted and grown despite the downturn. It is important to note that we compiled this list of kitchen and bath remodelers not simply by ranking those firms that had designated themselves kitchen and bath remodelers. We added the percentages of their business attributed to kitchen remodeling and the percentage attributed to bathroom remodeling. If more than 50 percent of their business was one or the other, or both, we put those firms into the mix for ranking. Seeing big full-service firms like Case Design & Remodeling, The Neil Kelly Company and Normandy Builders among this group crystallized the vast significance of kitchen and bath projects to all parts of our diverse industry. Some of you may remember that last year we presented a table showing the number of Top 500 remodelers in each state. This year we took it a step further. We pulled a list of the two largest remodeling firms in each of the Top 25 metropolitan statistical areas as ranked by the Census Bureau. This unique listing of local Top 500 leaders appears on Keeping it Local.

Finally, we are very proud that many firms on our list have been sharing their numbers with us for many years. To that end we compiled a list of Top 500 Perennials. These are remodelers who have been listed every year for the past five years. In up years and down, these firms have chosen to participate in our ranking. We sincerely appreciate their confidence to present the numbers as accurately and honestly as possible. I think that is why Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies has used the Top 500 as another way to study the composition of the remodeling industry.


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 About Qualified Remodeler
Qualified Remodeler is the leading media brand serving the remodeling and home improvement industry trades. In print, online and in-person, Qualified Remodeler serves the business information needs of owners and executives with news, new products, business best practices and design ideas. Published in print 12 times each year, Qualified Remodeler offers a BPA audited circulation that delivers your message to more than 71,000* remodelers. Many thousands more experience our digital edition, subscribe to our online newsletters, and visit our websites each month. The magazine is perhaps best known for its original Annual Top 500 List of the largest remodeling firms in the United States. It is also well known for its industry leading design award program, the Master Design Awards.
Top 500 List for 2015
On behalf of the entire team here at Qualified Remodeler, congratulations on being listed the No. 287 company on the 2015 Top 500 list of largest remodeling firms in the United States.

2015 Top 500: Increased Elevation

The remodeling market as viewed through the lens of the 2015 Top 500 has left the runway seeking higher elevations as firms across all segments and most regions see growth ahead.

It will be a long time before anyone forgets the business-cycle trough of a few years ago. It was long enough and deep enough to leave a mark. That’s why so many remodelers are enjoying this current gradual, sustained lift in the economy. By contrast, a sharp upturn would, frankly, be unwelcome. It is already difficult to attract good new employees and trade contractors. (See the Top Challenges chart on p. 25.) And a sharp upturn would also exacerbate a growing concern about higher prices for building materials. Gradual economic growth is good and offers the opportunity for dynamic growth in many cases. That is why this jumbo jet comprised of 500 remodeling companies — the Top 500 — is feeling so bullish. They have just cleared the runway and (knock on wood) are heading for a comfortable cruising altitude. The gradual upturn has given most firms on the Top 500 room to spend more on marketing, drive more leads and convert more leads for, in many cases, larger average jobs. The stats bear this out. Year-over-year, firms listed on the 2015 Top 500 grew their dollar volume of remodeling revenue by 12.8 percent (see the chart, at right). Meanwhile, the number of completed jobs grew by 8.3 percent. Revenue outpaced job growth, which translated to bigger jobs and better margins versus the same jobs from the year prior. These are the headlines. But the story of the Top 500 list is best told through the individual stories of remodelers serving vastly different segments and geographies.

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1992: Rank 313/500  1995: Rank 278/500  1997: Rank 264/1000  1998: Rank 257/500  1999: Rank 347/500 
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