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Our Family Helping Our Philadelphia Community

Kitchen Remodel at Wakeling Street in Philadelphia

Ken Spector started working for Mr. Contractor after high school when he joined his brothers to help rebrand the company. Ken has proudly served thousands of customers for over 25 years. Ken's area of specialties include Kitchen and Bathroom remodels. He believes that in order to really make a project a success it requires both being a part of the planning process and seeing it through the construction stages. Rarely do you find Ken at his office. His first priority is being at the jobsite and in constant communication with the homeowners. This year Ken has overseen 58 Kitchen and Bathroom remodels and is proud to show off the final pictures and customer letters of thanks have resulted. To make an appointment with Ken Spector for a free estimate, please call 215-423-5525 or email him at info@mrcontractor.com.

Mr. Contractor received a call for a job at Wakeling Street in Philadelphia to remodel a Kitchen. The customer needed a contractor they could depend on and trust while also capable of getting the job done on time. Fortunately they called the right company. Ken Spector provided an estimate and went over ideas with the customer regarding the vision for the new kitchen. As you could imagine, the process require some imagination and experience. Between the wisdom of Ken and the desire of the customer, the kitchen transformation was a success.

Below you will find some pictures and videos of the kitchen remodel project. These are here to serve as an example as what to expect when hiring Mr. Contractor. This job took 3 weeks to complete and the before and after results are dramatic.

We only employs a staff of expert craftsmen. Our craftsmen are a select and loyal group with decades of experience in their trades. We stand by our work 100%. We provide you the finest quality care with personal attention. We believe in prompt service from start to finish. We want to be your one and only destination for all your needs.

Pictures of Mr. Contractor Hard At Work Remodeling a Kitchen...

Videos of Mr. Contractor Hard At Work Remodeling a Kitchen...