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Chickie's & Pete's Cafe

This large Northeast Philadelphia location opened in 1999 and is located at 11000 Roosevelt Boulevard. Indoors it features two big bars, a private dining room, a 14’ Big Screen, and plenty of TVs to meet every sports enthusiasts needs. Outdoors the Boulevard offers an all-season covered patio and deck where we often conduct large parties and feature live bands amongst the expansive bar and updated TV’s. "Crab fries rule" at this "high-decibel", Philadelphia-centric sports bar (ranked the city's Most Popular chain), which is "loaded with TVs" to "yell at" and "decent" fried food to douse with "beer, beer, beer"; though critics dismiss it as a "Chuck E. Cheese's for adults", with takes on the service ranging from "friendly" to "subpar", most consider it a "great place to get together with friends" – as long as they're "Philly fans."

11000 Roosevelt Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19116
Tel: 215.856.9890

Kitchen Hours:
Sun-Thurs: 11am-12 midnight
Fri: 11am-1am
Sat: 11am-1am

Bar Hours: open until 2am everyday

Philadelphia Restaurant Review | January 1, 2011

Famous for its crab-seasoned fries, hard-shelled crabs and free-flowing beer, Chickie’s and Pete’s has become the most popular sports bar in Philadelphia and was recently rated the third best sports bar in the country by ESPN. Chickie’s now has four locations in Philadelphia (including at the Airport) and two in New Jersey. The 24,000 square foot South Philadelphia location is by far the biggest and has emerged as the most popular place at which to watch an Eagles game in Philadelphia other than Lincoln Financial Field. Giant bars, huge TVs and a famous seafood menu keep fans happy, boisterous and messy (don’t stress — there is a hand-washing station in the middle of the dining room, so dig in). If you’re planning to catch a big game here, you’ll want to arrive at least an hour before kick-off or you might not get in the door. Chickie’s other two locations in Northeast Philadelphia are similarly popular and, since they’re smaller, fill up just as quickly. And whatever you do, just don’t show up wearing the opposing team’s jersey.

Each year, Mr. Contractor hosts a company holiday party in appreciation to the employees for all their hard work. Since most of us live in Philadelphia, because our company is located in Philadelphia, and while we all work in Philadelphia - it only makes sense that the locations our holiday parties always be in our Philadelphia neighborhood. We use this as an opportunity to support or local area businesses and highlight the event on our website for our customer. This year, Mr. Contractor chose Chickie's & Pete's Cafe. This restaurant is located on Roosevelt Blvd within close proximity of the Mr. Contractor shop. The atmosphere is perfect for hosting a company party for 30 employees. The food was great, the atmosphere was awesome, and the fun was contagious.

The 2012 Mr. Contractor Family
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