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We pride ourselves with maintaining a good reputation. We know that we couldn't have gotten to where we are without loyal customers and referrals.  When we are given awards we are very appreciative. Over the years we have been selected for many honors, such as "Best of Philly" in 2007, voted "Top 500 Remodeler" in the country and winner of "Angie's List" service award in 2009. We maintain a positive Better Business Bureau record and have above average ratings on Dun & Bradstreet.


The only way we know how to achieve a good reputation is by doing quality work, standing behind our finished product and supporting our community. We are proud to be part of many local and national charities and feel that it is part of our duty. Every year, Mr. Contractor puts aside part of it's revenue to be directed to causes that will benefit our community and those people directly needing assistance.

Publications & Advertisement

Over the years we have been featured in several local newspapers and distinguished magazines. We are proud of the impact on the community we have and the recognition we receive. Unfortunately articles aren't enough to spread the word about our company. Mr. Contractor advertises heavily in multiple phone books, local newspapers, magazines, online publications and community sponsored events. We want to always have work for our employees, be able to offer the best prices and be able to provide future generations a company to be part of.
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